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If you are shopping around to find the best pet insurance cover for your pet you have a number of different policy options to choose from.  In this post I will be reviewing Woolworths Pet insurance.  This site also includes reviews of other pet insurance providers such as Real, RSPCA and BowWowMeow pet insurance.

One of the complaints that I often see is when it comes to any type of insurance is that, claims are not paid, and there are so many hidden exclusions.   Often they are hidden unless you read the PDS document in detail, which is what I have tried to do not just with Woolworths but the other insurers reviewed here.

cute-cats-16One thing I have found in the process is that most policies including Woolworths are underwritten by Hollard, except Petplan which is underwritten by Alliance.   However this does not make all policies exactly the same, they vary in price and benefits so it is worth reading all the reviews before making a decision. Click here to easily compare pet insurance policies.

As with all the other reviews on this website I have called each insurer to get a quote for my six year old cat Thomas. We live in NSW metro and he has not had any major injuries.

Woolworths offers three levels of cover for your pet:

  1. Basic Cover – Which covers your pet if they are injured accidentally
  2. Standard Cover – Which covers your pet if they are injured or they fall ill
  3. Comprehensive Cover – This also covers illness and injury as well as offering some rebate for routine treatment.

What Is Covered?

  1. What are the limitations – Well there is the usual age limits where your pet needs to be over 8weeks of age and under 9 years at the time of cover.  There is also the 30day waiting period.  However under Basic Cover you have a six month waiting period before you can claim on cruciate ligament injuries.    This is higher than most of the other policies
  2. What proportion of your fees will you get back?   You will receive a rebate of 80% of your vet fees when you claim, under all three policies.
  3. Is there an excess payable? – There is a no excess option available which means you will receive a full 80% rebate of your fees.  However, if you want to reduce your premiums you can choose a $100 excess option which means you will receive an 80% rebate MINUS $100.
  4. What other exclusions are there? –As usual pre-existing conditions are excluded including the illnesses related to a pre-existing condition.  This includes conditions that occurred in the waiting period.  Working dogs such as police dogs and guide dogs are not covered by this type of insurance.  Obstetrics and breeding are also excluded.  Woolworth’s insurance also excludes vitamins minerals and any alternative treatment whether or not they are recommended by the vet.
  5. What are the claims limits? –Basic Cover which covers accidental injury only has an annual limit of $6000, Standard Cover that covers Illness and Accident provide $10,000 every year, while Comprehensive Accident and Illness cover has an annual limit of $12,000 per year.
  6. How often are premiums reviewed? – Premiums are reviewed annually and are adjusted based on the age of your pet and the number of claims you have had.
  7. Are specialist treatments covered? – Some are and some are not.  Dentistry and Orthodontics are not even if they are recommended by the vet.  If your vet recommends specialist treatment check with your insurer first.
  8. Are Prescription Covered? – Yes mostly. However if your vet recommends vitamins these are not covered.
  9. Can I use any vet? – Yes you can use any vet you choose as long as they are registered in Australia.


Woolworths Pet Insurance will cover emergency boarding for your pet if you are taken ill or injured unexpectedly.   The amount covered depends on the level of cover received.


You will also get a $25 gift card when you pay your first premium.  This might be an online only offer.


In order to cover Thomas it will cost $6.04 per fortnight for basic cover, $15.54 for standard cover and $19.95 per fortnight for comprehensive cover.

The cover you choose will depend on whether you want to be covered in the event of injury only or whether you want complete peace of mind that your pet will be covered in the event of an unexpected illness as well.

Below is a full list of benefits available from woolworths pet insurance


Basic Cover Standard            Cover Comprehensive                     Cover
Cover options                     and inclusions Accidental Injury Accidental Injury and Ilness Cover Accidental Injury and Ilness Cover Plus Routine Care
Annual Benefit Limit $6,000 $10,000 $12,000
Up to 80% cover on eligible vet bills Yes Yes Yes
Co-Payment % 20% 20% 20%
Per Condition Excess $0 or $100 $0 or $100 $0 or $100
Covers Accidental Injury Yes Yes Yes
Covers Illnesses No Yes Yes
Routine Care Cover No No Yes
Routine Care Cover limit $0 $0 $100 stated benefits
Tick paralysis – annual benefit $0 $1,000 $1,500
Emergency boarding fees – We will pay up to $20.00 per day for the cost of boarding your pet at a licensed boarding facility if you are hospitalised up to an annual maximum of : $500 $1,000 $1,200
Lifetime cover – renewal offer guaranteed Yes Yes Yes
14 day-cooling off period Yes Yes Yes
Cancer treatment No Yes Yes
Skin Conditions e.g. allergies No Yes Yes
Infectious diseases No Yes Yes
Consultations and visits Yes Yes Yes
After-hours emergency visits Yes Yes Yes
Specialist care Yes Yes Yes
Laboratory and diagnostic tests Yes Yes Yes
Hospitalisation Yes Yes Yes
Radiology Yes Yes Yes
 Medicines & drugs Yes Yes Yes
Surgery Yes Yes Yes
Cruciate ligament surgery Yes Yes Yes
Hereditary and congenital conditions N/A Yes Yes
Vaccinations No No Yes
Desexing No No Yes
Overseas Pet Travel Insurance Yes Yes Yes
Waiting period – There is a 30 day waiting period for illness conditions. Immediate Cover for Accidental Injury 30 days for illness conditions 30 days for illness conditions

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